Software Tools

Adaptive spatial binning of integral-field spectroscopic data using Voronoi tessellations

Authors: Michele Cappellari & Yannick Copin
Related articles: Cappellari & Copin (2003)
Related Website: Michele Cappellari's webpage
Description: The software can be used to perform adaptive spatial binning of Integral-Field Spectroscopic (IFS) data to reach a chosen constant signal-to-noise ratio per bin, with the method of Cappellari & Copin (2003). This is required for the proper analysis of IFS observations, in particular for the extraction of the stellar kinematics, but was also extensively used for standard photometric imagery, X-ray, or any other two-dimensional data.

Parametric Recovery of Line-of-Sight Velocity Distributions from Absorption-Line Spectra of Galaxies via Penalized Likelihood

Authors: Michele Cappellari & Eric Emsellem
Related articles: Cappellari & Emsellem (2004)
Related Website: Michele Cappellari's webpage
Description: This software implements the Penalized Pixel-Fitting method (pPXF) developed by Cappellari & Emsellem (2004) to extract the stellar kinematics from absorption-line spectra of galaxies. This method has been used to derive the stellar kinematics of the full SAURON sample (see Emsellem et al. 2004, Falcón-Barroso et al. 2006).

Kinemetry: analysis of 2D maps of (kinematic) moments of the line-of-sight-velocity distribution (LOSVD)

Authors: Davor Krajnović, Michele Cappellari, Tim de Zeeuw & Yannick Copin
Related articles: Krajnović et al. (2006)
Related Website: Davor Krajnović's webpage
Description: This method is a generalisation of surface photometry to all moments of the LOSVD. It performs harmonic expansion of 2D maps of observed kinematic moments (velocity, velocity dispersion, h3, h4...) along the best fitting ellipses (either fixed or free to change along the radii). Its purpose is to robustly quantify maps od kinematic moments, describe trends in structures and detect kinematic sub-components.

GANDALF: Gas AND Absorption Line Fitting algorithm

Authors: Marc Sarzi, Jesús Falcón-Barroso, Reynier F. Peletier
Related articles: Sarzi et al. (2006)
Related Website: Marc sarzi's webpage
Description: GANDALF is a simultaneous emission and absorption lines fitting algorithm designed to separate the relative contribution of the stellar continuum and of nebular emission in the spectra of nearby galaxies, while measuring the gas emission and kinematics. This method has been used to derive the ionised-gas maps and kinematics of the full SAURON sample (see Sarzi et al. 2006, Falcón-Barroso et al. 2006).