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SAURON is not only a panoramic integral field spectrograph, but also a scientific project which main goal is to understand the formation and evolution of elliptical and lenticular galaxies and of spiral bulges from 3D observations. This project is carried on by an international team.


OASIS data now available [11th November 2014]

Observational Example

The usefulness of panoramic integral-field spectroscopy and the power of SAURON are perhaps best illustrated with our observations of NGC 4365, a known kinematically decoupled core (KDC). The SAURON data clearly reveal the inner kinematic component, rotating around the photometric minor axis, as well as the outer kinematic component, rotating around the photometric major axis. Surprisingly however, the line-strengths reveal no significant difference between the two components, both having a uniform age.The implications of this result is extensively discussed in Davies et al. 2001

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