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Faculty research interests

NameResearch keywords
Dr. R.J. BouwensGalaxy formation, high-redshift galaxies, deep optical and infrared surveys, Hubble Space Telescope
Dr. J. BouwmanLaboratory Astrophysics, interstellar chemistry, spectroscopy
Prof.dr. B. BrandlInfrared spectroscopy, starburst galaxies and HII regions, infrared instrumentation
Dr. J. BrinchmannGalaxies, population synthesis, Wolf-Rayet, IFU, galaxy dynamics, high redshift galaxies, galaxy spectra, low redshift galaxies
Dr. A.G.A. BrownGaia mission, photometric data processing for Gaia, radiation damage effects on astronomical CCDs, Structure and formation of the Galactic disk and halo, formation and evolution of open clusters and OB associations
Dr. L.H. BurtscherActive Galactic Nuclei in the local universe: Gas and dust in the circum-nuclear region, AGN triggering; optical long-baseline interferometry (VLTI)
Dr. M.P. Daalen, van
Prof.dr. D. Delft, vanbijzondere leerstoel Materieel erfgoed van de natuurwetenschappen, 2013-2018
Prof.dr. E.F. Dishoeck, vanAstrochemistry, Star- and planet formation, Laboratory astrophysics
Prof.dr. M. FranxGalaxy formation, high redshift universe, galaxy structure
Prof.dr. C.W.M. FridlundSpace Observations of Exoplanets
Dr. M. Haverkorn van RijsewijkInterstellar medium, Galactic magnetism, interstellar turbulence, supernova remnants, radio astronomy, radio polarimetry
Dr. J.A. HodgeGalaxy formation and evolution; the interstellar medium in high-redshift galaxies; starburst galaxies; radio and (sub-)millimeter interferometry
Prof.dr. H. HoekstraDark matter, dark energy, galaxy clusters, wide-field imaging surveys.
Dr. M. HogerheijdeFormation of Stars and Planets, Molecular Astrophysics, Radiative Transfer, (Sub)millimeter Interferometry, Comets
Prof.dr. F.P. IsraelMolecular ISM, Galaxy Centers, Dwarf Galaxies & Magellanic Clouds, Star Formation
Prof.dr. W.J. JaffeAGN accretion disks, Molecular gas in cooling flows, Nuclear structures in early galaxies, Infrared Interferometry. Per 1-5-2010 bijzonder hoogleraar Instrumentele Sterrenkunde UvA
Prof.dr. J.S. KaastraX-ray, Active Galactic Nuclei, Clusters of galaxies
Prof.dr. C.U. KellerInstrumentation for astronomy, planetary, atmospheric and biomedical research; polarimetry; adaptive optics; exoplanets; circumstellar disks; solar physics; E-ELT
Dr. M.A. KenworthyExtrasolar planets, high contrast imaging, infrared instrumentation, optical techniques.
Prof.dr. K.H. KuijkenDark matter in galaxies and the universe, gravitational lensing,galaxy dynamics, wide-field imaging surveys
Prof.dr. H.J. Langevelde, vanMasers, circumstellar matter around young and old stars, radio and mm interferometry
Prof.dr. H.V.J. LinnartzLaboratory astrophysics / - chemistry
Dr. J. LubFundamental Stellar Parameters, Stellar Photometry,Pulsating Variable Stars, Distance Scale, Stellar Atmospheres, Stellar Evolution
Prof.dr. F.H. Lunteren, vanHistory of science
Dr. Y. Miguel
Prof.dr. G.K. MileyNuclear activity in galaxies, active galactic nuclei as probes of the early universe, clusters and protoclusters, interferometry, LOFAR
Prof.dr. S.F. Portegies ZwartComputational Gravitational Dynamics; Stellar and Binary Evolution; Galaxy Dynamics; Modeling Dense Stellar Systems; Supermassive Black Holes; Binary Population Synthesis; High-performance Computing
Prof.dr. H.J.A. RöttgeringGalaxy formation, Large scale structure, AGN, optical/infrared and radio interferometers
Dr. E.M. RossiGamma-ray bursts, formation and cosmological evolution of supermassive black holes, stellar and gas dynamics around compact objects
Dr. P.R. Russo
Prof.dr. J. SchayeGalaxy formation, intergalactic medium, cosmology, star formation
Prof.dr. I. SnellenExtra-solar planets, active galactic nuclei, LOFAR
Dr. F. Snik
Dr. R. StuikAdaptive Optics, Instrumentation
Prof.dr. A.G.G.M. TielensInterstellar medium
Dr. R.P.J. TilanusSubmillimeter, black hole and millimeter mmVLBI
Dr. R.J. Weeren, van
Prof.dr. P. Werf, van derStarburst galaxies at low and high redshift, interstellar medium in galaxies, infrared techniques
Prof.dr. P.T. Zeeuw, deFormation, structure and dynamics of galaxies, including the Galaxy