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Recent publications by Leiden Astronomers

(20 most recent)
arXiv:1503.08647v1 [pdf]
Title:Evolution of the luminosity-to-halo mass relation of LRGs from a combined SDSS-DR10+RCS2 analysis
Authors: Edo van Uitert, Marcello Cacciato, Henk Hoekstra, Ricardo Herbonnet
Comments: 20 pages, 11 figures, accepted for publication in A&A
Subjects: astro-ph.GA, astro-ph.CO
arXiv:1503.07188v1 [pdf]
Title:A Multi-Wavelength Mass Analysis of RCS2 J232727.6-020437, a ~3x10$^{15}$M$_{\odot}$ Galaxy Cluster at z=0.7
Authors: K. Sharon, M. D. Gladders, D. P. Marrone, H. Hoekstra, E. Rasia, H. Bourdin, D. Gifford, A. K. Hicks, C. Greer, L. F. Barrientos, M. Bayliss, J. E. Carlstrom, D. G. Gilbank, M. Gralla, J. Hlavacek-Larrondo, E. Leitch, P. Mazzotta, T. Mroczkowski, S. J. C. Muchovej, T. Schrabback, H. K. C. Yee
Comments: 18 pages, 15 figures, submitted to ApJ on March 5, 2015
Subjects: astro-ph.CO, astro-ph.GA
arXiv:1503.06065v1 [pdf]
Title:nIFTy galaxy cluster simulations I: dark matter & non-radiative models
Authors: Federico Sembolini, Gustavo Yepes, Frazer R. Pearce, Alexander Knebe, Scott T. Kay, Chris Power, Weiguang Cui, Alexander M. Beck, Stefano Borgani, Claudio Dalla Vecchia, Romeel Davé, Pascal Jahan Elahi, Sean February, Shuiyao Huang, Alex Hobbs, Neal Katz, Erwin Lau, Ian G. McCarthy, Giuseppe Murante, Daisuke Nagai, Kaylea Nelson, Richard D. A. Newton, Ewald Puchwein, Justin I. Read, Alexandro Saro, Joop Schaye, Robert J. Thacker
Comments: 21 pages, 13 figures, 4 tables - submitted to MNRAS
Subjects: astro-ph.CO
arXiv:1503.05553v1 [pdf]
Title:The distribution of neutral hydrogen around high-redshift galaxies and quasars in the EAGLE simulation
Authors: Alireza Rahmati, Joop Schaye, Richard G. Bower, Robert A. Crain, Michelle Furlong, Matthieu Schaller, Tom Theuns
Comments: 24 pages, 20 figures; submitted to MNRAS
Subjects: astro-ph.CO, astro-ph.GA
arXiv:1503.05559v1 [pdf]
Title:The Absence of an Environmental Dependence in the Mass-Metallicity Relation at z=2
Authors: Glenn G. Kacprzak, Tiantian Yuan, Themiya Nanayakkara, Chiaki Kobayashi, Kim-Vy H. Tran, Lisa J. Kewley, Karl Glazebrook, Lee Spitler, Philip Taylor, Michael Cowley, Ivo Labbé, Caroline Straatman, Adam Tomczak
Comments: 5 pages, 3 figures; accepted for publication in ApJ Letters
Subjects: astro-ph.GA
arXiv:1503.05189v1 [pdf]
Title:A Sub-arcsecond Survey Toward Class 0 Protostars in Perseus: Searching for Signatures of Protostellar Disks
Authors: John J. Tobin, Leslie W. Looney, David J. Wilner, Woojin Kwon, Claire J. Chandler, Tyler L. Bourke, Laurent Loinard, Hsin-Fang Chiang, Scott Schnee, Xuepeng Chen
Comments: Accepted to ApJ, 58 pages, 19 Figures, 5 Tables
Subjects: astro-ph.SR
arXiv:1503.05179v2 [pdf]
Title:An Ammonia Spectral Map of the L1495-B218 Filaments in the Taurus Molecular Cloud : I. Physical Properties of Filaments and Dense cores
Authors: Young Min Seo, Yancy L. Shirley, Paul Goldsmith, Derek Ward-Thompson, Jason M. Kirk, Markus Schmalzl, Jeong-Eun Lee, Rachel Friesen, Glen Langston, Joe Masters, Robert W. Garwood
Comments: ApJ Accepted
Subjects: astro-ph.GA
arXiv:1503.05170v1 [pdf]
Title:Discovery and Follow-up of Rotating Radio Transients with the Green Bank and LOFAR Telescopes
Authors: C. Karako-Argaman, V. M. Kaspi, R. S. Lynch, J. W. T. Hessels, V. I. Kondratiev, M. A. McLaughlin, S. M. Ransom, A. M. Archibald, J. Boyles, F. A. Jenet, D. L. Kaplan, L. Levin, D. R. Lorimer, E. C. Madsen, M. S. E. Roberts, X. Siemens, I. H. Stairs, K. Stovall, J. K. Swiggum, J. van Leeuwen
Comments: 18 pages, 13 figures, 5 tables, submitted to ApJ
Subjects: astro-ph.HE
arXiv:1503.05150v1 [pdf]
Title:Monitoring the Sky with the Prototype All-Sky Imager on the LWA1
Authors: K. S. Obenberger, G. B. Taylor, J. M. Hartman, T. E. Clarke, J. Dowell, A. Dubois, D. Dubois, P. A. Henning, J. Lazio, S. Michalak, F. K. Schinzel
Comments: 27 pages, 10 Figures, 1 Table
Subjects: astro-ph.IM
arXiv:1503.05082v1 [pdf]
Title:A large spectroscopic sample of L and T dwarfs from UKIDSS LAS: peculiar objects, binaries, and space density
Authors: F. Marocco, H. R. A. Jones, A. C. Day-Jones, D. J. Pinfield, P. W. Lucas, B. Burningham, Z. H. Zhang, R. L. Smart, J. I. Gomes, L. Smith
Comments: No journal ref found
Subjects: astro-ph.SR
arXiv:1503.05059v1 [pdf]
Title:Fourier spectra from exoplanets with polar caps and ocean glint
Authors: P. M. Visser, F. J. van de Bult
Comments: 15 pages, 2 tables, 13 figures
Subjects: astro-ph.EP
arXiv:1503.05031v1 [pdf]
Title:Dissecting the AGB star L2 Puppis: a torus in the making
Authors: F. Lykou, D. Klotz, C. Paladini, J. Hron, A. A. Zijlstra, J. Kluska, B. R. M. Norris, P. G. Tuthill, S. Ramstedt, E. Lagadec, M. Wittkowski, M. Maercker, J. Meisner, A. Mayer
Comments: 9 pages, 7 figures, to be published in A&A
Subjects: astro-ph.SR
arXiv:1503.04951v1 [pdf]
Title:Chemical tracers of episodic accretion in low-mass protostars
Authors: Ruud Visser, Edwin A. Bergin, Jes K. Jorgensen
Comments: Accepted by A&A; 12 pages, 7 figures
Subjects: astro-ph.SR
arXiv:1503.04923v1 [pdf]
Title:Is there evidence for dark energy evolution?
Authors: Xuheng Ding, Marek Biesiada, Shuo Cao, Zhengxiang Li, Zong-Hong Zhu
Comments: 8 pages, 2 figures. Accepted for publication in the ApJL
Subjects: astro-ph.CO, gr-qc
arXiv:1503.04821v1 [pdf]
Title:Gas inside the 97 au cavity around the transition disk Sz\,91
Authors: H. Canovas, M. R. Schreiber, C. Cáceres, F. Ménard, C. Pinte, G. S. Mathews, L. Cieza, S. Casassus, A. Hales, J. P. Williams, P. Román, A. Hardy
Comments: Accepted for publication in ApJ
Subjects: astro-ph.SR
arXiv:1503.04818v1 [pdf]
Title:NIHAO project I: Reproducing the inefficiency of galaxy formation across cosmic time with a large sample of cosmological hydrodynamical simulations
Authors: Liang Wang, Aaron A. Dutton, Gregory S. Stinson, Andrea V. Macciò, Camilla Penzo, Xi Kang, Ben W. Keller, James Wadsley
Comments: 13 pages, 8 figures, submitted to MNRAS
Subjects: astro-ph.GA, astro-ph.CO
arXiv:1503.04814v1 [pdf]
Title:NIHAO project II: Halo shape, phase-space density and velocity distribution of dark matter in galaxy formation simulations
Authors: Iryna Butsky, Andrea V. Macciò, Aaron A. Dutton, Liang Wang, Greg S. Stinson, Camilla Penzo, Xi Kang, Ben W. Keller, James Wadsley
Comments: 10 pages, 9 figures, MNRAS submitted
Subjects: astro-ph.GA
arXiv:1503.04813v1 [pdf]
Title:Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) Blended Spectra Catalog: Strong Galaxy-Galaxy Lens and Occulting Galaxy Pair Candidates
Authors: B. W. Holwerda, I. K. Baldry, M. Alpaslan, A. Bauer, J. Bland-Hawthorn, S. Brough, M. J. I. Brown, M. E. Cluver, C. Conselice, S. P. Driver, A. M. Hopkins, D. H. Jones, A. R. Lopez-Sanchez, J. Loveday, M. J. Meyer, A. Moffett
Comments: 12 pages, 10 figures, 3 tables. Table 3 full length version is in the appendix. Accepted for publication by MNRAS
Subjects: astro-ph.GA
arXiv:1503.04807v1 [pdf]
Title:Molecular hydrogen abundances of galaxies in the EAGLE simulations
Authors: Claudia del P. Lagos, Robert A. Crain, Joop Schaye, Michelle Furlong, Carlos S. Frenk, Richard G. Bower, Matthieu Schaller, Tom Theuns, James W. Trayford, Yannick M. Bahe, Claudio Dalla Vecchia
Comments: 22 pages and 20 figures (17 pages and 16 figures without appendices). Submitted to MNRAS
Subjects: astro-ph.GA, astro-ph.CO
arXiv:1503.04765v1 [pdf]
Title:Dusty wind of W Hya. Multi-wavelength modelling of the present-day and recent mass-loss
Authors: T. Khouri, L. B. F. M. Waters, A. de Koter, L. Decin, M. Min, B. L. de Vries, R. Lombaert, N. L. J. Cox
Comments: 15 pages, 13 figures
Subjects: astro-ph.SR, 85