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Recent publications by Leiden Astronomers

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arXiv:1508.06650v1 [pdf]
Title:Linear polarization structures in LOFAR observations of the interstellar medium in the 3C196 field
Authors: V. Jeli?, A. G. de Bruyn, V. N. Pandey, M. Mevius, M. Haverkorn, M. A. Brentjens, L. V. E. Koopmans, S. Zaroubi, F. B. Abdalla, K. M. B. Asad, S. Bus, E. Chapman, B. Ciardi, E. R. Fernandez, A. Ghosh, G. Harker, I. T. Iliev, H. Jensen, S. Kazemi, G. Mellema, A. R. Offringa, A. H. Patil, H. K. Vedantham, S. Yatawatta
Comments: 16 pages, 10 figures, submitted to A&A
Subjects: astro-ph.GA
arXiv:1508.06186v1 [pdf]
Title:Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): The Bright Void Galaxy Population in the Optical and Mid-IR
Authors: S. J. Penny, M. J. I. Brown, K. A. Pimbblet, M. E. Cluver, D. J. Croton, M. S. Owers, R. Lange, M. Alpaslan, I. Baldry, J. Bland-Hawthorn, S. Brough, S. P. Driver, B. W. Holwerda, A. M. Hopkins, T. H. Jarrett, D. Heath Jones, L. S. Kelvin, M. A. Lara-Lopez, J. Liske, A. R. Lopez-Sanchez, J. Loveday, M. Meyer, P. Norberg, A. S. G. Robotham, M. Rodrigues
Comments: 22 pages, 12 figures. Accepted for publication in MNRAS
Subjects: astro-ph.GA
arXiv:1508.05763v1 [pdf]
Title:Transiting exoplanets from the CoRoT space mission XXVIII. CoRoT-33b, an object in the brown dwarf desert with 2:3 commensurability with its host star
Authors: Sz. Csizmadia, A. Hatzes, G. Gandolfi, M. Deleuil, F. Bouchy, M. Fridlund, ..., A. Ofir
Comments: 13 pages, 8 figures, accepted for publication in A&A
Subjects: astro-ph.EP
arXiv:1508.05308v1 [pdf]
Title:Statistical uncertainties and systematic errors in weak lensing mass estimates of galaxy clusters
Authors: F. K÷hlinger, H. Hoekstra, M. Eriksen
Comments: 14 pages, 7 figures; accepted for publication in MNRAS
Subjects: astro-ph.CO
arXiv:1508.05022v1 [pdf]
Title:Disentangling the jet emission from protostellar systems. The ALMA view of VLA1623
Authors: G. Santangelo, N. M. Murillo, B. Nisini, C. Codella, S. Bruderer, S. -P. Lai, E. F. van Dishoeck
Comments: Accepted for publication in Astronomy & Astrophysics
Subjects: astro-ph.GA, astro-ph.SR
arXiv:1508.04771v1 [pdf]
Title:Galaxy Structure as a Driver of the Star Formation Sequence Slope and Scatter
Authors: Katherine E. Whitaker, Marijn Franx, Rachel Bezanson, Gabriel B. Brammer, Pieter G. van Dokkum, Mariska T. Kriek, Ivo Labbe, Joel Leja, Ivelina G. Momcheva, Erica J. Nelson, Jane R. Rigby, Hans-Walter Rix, Rosalind E. Skelton, Arjen van der Wel, Stijn Wuyts
Comments: Accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal Letters
Subjects: astro-ph.GA
arXiv:1508.04443v1 [pdf]
Title:Scattered light images of spiral arms in marginally gravitationally unstable discs with an embedded planet
Authors: A. Pohl, P. Pinilla, M. Benisty, S. Ataiee, A. Juhasz, C. P. Dullemond, R. Van Boekel, T. Henning
Comments: Accepted for publication in MNRAS; 13 pages, 8 figures
Subjects: astro-ph.EP
arXiv:1508.04446v1 [pdf]
Title:Unveiling the Milky Way: A New Technique for Determining the Optical Color and Luminosity of our Galaxy
Authors: Timothy C. Licquia, Jeffrey A. Newman, Jarle Brinchmann
Comments: 20 pages, 9 figures, 5 tables of Milky Way photometric properties
Subjects: astro-ph.GA
arXiv:1508.03889v1 [pdf]
Title:Faraday Tomography of the North Polar Spur: Constraints on the distance to the Spur and on the Magnetic Field of the Galaxy
Authors: X. H. Sun, T. L. Landecker, B. M. Gaensler, E. Carretti, W. Reich, J. P. Leahy, N. M. McClure-Griffiths, R. M. Crocker, M. Wolleben, M. Haverkorn, K. A. Douglas, A. D. Gray
Comments: 9 pages, 8 figures, accepted for publication in ApJ. Some figures have been degraded to reduce sizes, for a high resolution version, see http://physics.usyd.edu.au/~xhsun/ms_nps.pdf
Subjects: astro-ph.GA
arXiv:1508.03861v1 [pdf]
Title:3D hydrodynamical and radiative transfer modeling of Eta Carinae's colliding winds
Authors: Thomas I. Madura, Nicola Clementel, Theodore R. Gull, Chael J. H. Kruip, Jan-Pieter Paardekooper, Vincent Icke
Comments: 3 pages, to appear in conference proceedings of the International Workshop on Wolf-Rayet Stars, Potsdam, Germany, 1 - 5 June 2015, Editors W.-R. Hamann, A. Sander, and H. Todt
Subjects: astro-ph.SR
arXiv:1508.03094v1 [pdf]
Title:Massive stars formed in atomic hydrogen reservoirs: HI observations of gamma-ray burst host galaxies
Authors: Micha? J. Micha?owski, G. Gentile, J. Hjorth, M. R. Krumholz, N. R. Tanvir, P. Kamphuis, D. Burlon, M. Baes, S. Basa, S. Berta, J. M. Castro Ceron, D. Crosby, V. D'Elia, J. Elliott, J. Greiner, L. K. Hunt, S. Klose, M. P. Koprowski, E. Le Floc'h, D. Malesani, T. Murphy, A. Nicuesa Guelbenzu, E. Palazzi, J. Rasmussen, A. Rossi, S. Savaglio, P. Schady, J. Sollerman, A. de Ugarte Postigo, D. Watson, P. van der Werf, S. D. Vergani, D. Xu
Comments: Accepted to A&A. 16 pages, 6 figures, 5 tables
Subjects: astro-ph.GA, astro-ph.HE
arXiv:1508.03057v1 [pdf]
Title:ZFIRE: Galaxy Cluster Kinematics, H$╬▒$ Star Formation Rates, and Gas-Phase Metallicities of XMM-LSS J02182-05102 at z=1.6233
Authors: Kim-Vy H. Tran, Themiya Nanayakkara, Tiantian Yuan, Glenn G. Kacprzak, Karl Glazebrook, Lisa J. Kewley, Ivelina Momcheva, Casey J. Papovich, Ryan Quadri, Greg Rudnick, AmÚlie Saintonge, Lee R. Spitler, Caroline Straatman, Adam Tomczak
Comments: Accepted for publication by ApJ. Survey website is zfire.swinburne.edu.au
Subjects: astro-ph.GA
arXiv:1508.03070v1 [pdf]
Title:The Mid-Infrared Instrument for the James Webb Space Telescope, VI: The Medium Resolution Spectrometer
Authors: Martyn Wells, J. -W. Pel, Alistair Glasse, G. S. Wright, Gabby Aitink-Kroes, Ruyman Azzollini, Steven Beard, B. R. Brandl, Angus Gallie, V. C. Geers, A. M. Glauser, Peter Hastings, Th. Henning, Rieks Jager, K. Justtanont, Bob Kruizinga, Fred Lahuis, David Lee, I. Martinez-Delgado, J. R. Martinez-Galarza, M. Meijers, Jane E. Morrison, Friedrich Mueller, Thodori Nakos, Brian O'Sullivan, Ad Oudenhuysen, P. Parr-Burman, Evert Pauwels, R. -R. Rohloff, Eva Schmalzl, Jon Sykes, M. P. Thelen, E. F. van Dishoeck, Bart Vandenbussche, Lars B. Venema, Huib Visser>, L. B. F. M. Waters, David Wright
Comments: No journal ref found
Subjects: astro-ph.IM
arXiv:1508.02624v1 [pdf]
Title:The application of the Mid-IR radio correlation to the $\hat{G}$ sample and the search for advanced extraterrestrial civilisations
Authors: Michael Garrett
Comments: Accepted A&A letters, 6 pages, 2 figures in Letter in Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2015
Subjects: astro-ph.GA
arXiv:1508.02333v1 [pdf]
Title:The Mid-Infrared Instrument for JWST, II: Design and Build
Authors: G. S. Wright, David Wright, G. B. Goodson, G. H. Rieke, Gabby Aitink-Kroes, J. Amiaux, Ana Aricha-Yanguas, Ruyman Azzolini, Kimberly Banks, D. Barrado-Navascues, T. Belenguer-Davila, J. A. D. L. Bloemmart, Patrice Bouchet, B. R. Brandl, ..., E. F. van Dishoeck, C. Waelkens, Helen Walker, Martyn Wells, Alex Zhender
Comments: No journal ref found
Subjects: astro-ph.IM
arXiv:1508.02294v1 [pdf]
Title:The Mid-Infrared Instrument for the James Webb Space Telescope I: Introduction
Authors: G. H. Rieke, G. S. Wright, T. Boeker, J. Bouwman, L. Colina, Alistair Glasse, K. D. Gordon, T. P. Greene, Manual Guedel, Th. Henning, K. Justtanont, P. -O. Lagage, M. E. Meixner, H. -U. Norgaard-Nielsen, T. P. Ray, M. E. Ressler, E. G. van Dishoeck, C. Waelkens
Comments: No journal ref found
Subjects: astro-ph.IM
arXiv:1508.02076v1 [pdf]
Title:Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): Panchromatic Data Release (far-UV --- far-IR) and the low-z energy budget
Authors: Simon P. Driver, Angus H. Wright, Stephen K. Andrews, Luke J. Davies, Prajwal R. Kafle,..., Benne W. Holwerda,...,Richard Williams
Comments: 31 pages and 30 figures. Submitted to MNRAS. High-resolution copy available from our release site: http://gama-psi.icrar.org/ or directly via http://www.simondriver.org/mwavev02.pdf
Subjects: astro-ph.GA, astro-ph.CO
arXiv:1508.01003v1 [pdf]
Title:A concentration of centimeter-sized grains in the Oph IRS 48 dust trap
Authors: Nienke van der Marel, Paola Pinilla, John Tobin, Tim van Kempen, Sean Andrews, Luca Ricci, Tilman Birnstiel
Comments: Accepted by ApJL
Subjects: astro-ph.EP, astro-ph.SR
arXiv:1508.00903v1 [pdf]
Title:Vortex Formation and Evolution in Planet Harboring Disks under Thermal Relaxation
Authors: A. Lobo Gomes, H. Klahr, A. L. Uribe, P. Pinilla, C. Surville
Comments: Accepted for publication in ApJ; 13 pages, 13 figures, 1 table
Subjects: astro-ph.EP
arXiv:1508.00565v1 [pdf]
Title:Searching for gas giant planets on Solar System scales - A NACO/APP L'-band survey of A- and F-type Main Sequence stars
Authors: T. Meshkat, M. A. Kenworthy, M. Reggiani, S. P. Quanz, E. E. Mamajek, M. R. Meyer
Comments: Accepted for publication in MNRAS, 8 pages, 4 figures
Subjects: astro-ph.EP