LOFAR surveys: Opening up a new window on the Universe

An important goal that has driven the development of LOFAR since its inception is to explore the low frequency radio sky through several surveys. The main science driving the design of these surveys will be to use the unique aspects of LOFAR to advance our understanding of the formation and evolution of galaxies, including our own, AGNs and galaxy clusters. Since LOFAR will open a new observational spectral window and is a radio 'synoptic' telescope, the surveys will explore new parameter space and are well-suited for  serendipitous discovery.

On this simple www site can be found information related to the reserved access proposal in connection to the  the LOFAR Key Project:  LOFAR surveys: Opening up a new window on the Universe

Coordinated reserved access `umbrella’  proposals

  1. 1.Survey KSP

  2. 2.Magnetism KSP

Supporting proposals

  1. 1.High redshift radio galaxies - George Miley

  2. 2.Galaxy clusters-Marcus Bruggen/Gianfranco Brunetti

  3. 3.Cosmic Star-Formation History - Matt Lehnert/Peter Barthel

  4. 4.AGN evolution and black hole accretion history - Philip Best

  5. 5.Physics of nearby AGN - Raffaella Morganti

  6. 6.Nearby galaxies-John Conway/Krzysztof Chyzy

  7. 7.Strong lensing - Neal Jackson

  8. 8.The Galactic plane - Marijke Haverkorn/Glenn White

  9. 9.Cosmological Parameters and Large-scale structure - Matt Jarvis/David Bacon

Information on LOFAR observations of recombination lines

A brief science case - Oonk/van Weeren

Technical informatino - Oonk/van Weeren

Relevant information

  1. 1.Reduction strategies, LBA observations of A2256, van Weeren et al. submitted

  2. 2.Target lists

  3. 3.Policy document: lskppoliciesv3.0.pdf

Background: 19.5 MHz image center on the A2256 clusters (van Weeren et al. submitted)