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Astrochemistry web resources
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Astrochemistry research
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Molecules in space

The Cologne Database for Molecular Spectroscopy (CDMS) (Contains list of molecules detected in space)


Harvard-Smithsonian Atomic and Molecular Physics Data Base
NASA's Molecular Spectroscopy Home Page (including JPL catalogue)
Microwave spectroscopy (Lovas catalogue)
Homepage of the CCP7 project (UK project on the Analysis of Astronomical Spectra)
The Cologne Database for Molecular Spectroscopy (CDMS)
IR Spectral Databases (NASA Ames Research Center)

Chemical kinetics and reaction rates

Leiden Atomic and Molecular Database (LAMDA)
Basecol: Ro-vibrational collisional excitation database and utilities
NIST Chemical Kinetics Data base
UMIST database for astrochemistry

Grains and ices

Leiden data base of astrophysical ices
Optical data of Cosmic Dust Analogues

Research tools

CASSIS Interactive Spectrum Analyzer

Educational Resources

The Astrochemistry Net
The Astrochymist - Resources for astrochemists and interested bystanders
The Interstellar Medium - Lecture notes from Prof. John Black's interstellar medium course
PAH model

PAH model

millimeter spectra

CSO 650 GHz survey of Orion
Schilke et al. 2001

An ice experiment

Ice experiment from Leiden

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