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The Astrochemistry Work Group

The Astrochemistry work group is one of the work groups of Division VI, Commission 34 of the International Astronomy Union (IAU). The division also houses the Star formation and the Planetary nebulae working groups.

Member List

For full contact details of the members of the Astrochemistry work group click here.

Y. Aikawa Kobe University
J.H. Black Onsala Space Observatory
Chalmers University of Technology
G.A Blake Division of Geology & Planetary Sciences
California Institute of Technology
P. Caselli University of Leeds
P. Cernicharo CSIC, Madrid
G. Garay Departamento de Astronomía
Universidad de Chile
M. Guelin IRAM (grenoble)
U.G. Jorgensen Niels Bohr Institute
Astronomical Observatory
J.P. Maier Institute of Physical Chemistry
University of Basel
K.M. Menten Max-Planck Institut für Radioastronomie
T.J. Millar Queen's University, Belfast
S. Kwok Hong Kong University
F. Salama NASA Ames Research Center
I. Sims University of Rennes
A. Sternberg Tel Aviv University
E.F. van Dishoeck (Chair) Leiden Observatory
University of Leiden
E. Herbst (Vice Chair) Department of Physics
Ohio State University


Eagle nebula

The Eagle Has Risen: stellar spire in the Eagle Nebula

Credit: NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Circumstellar disks

Young stars surrounded by disks of dust

Credit: Chris Burrows (STScI), John Krist (STScI), Karl Stapelfeldt (JPL) and colleagues, the WFPC2 Science Team and NASA


Pre-collapse black cloud B68 (optical view)

Credit: European Southern Observatory

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