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Student Colloquia

This week's student colloquia are highlighted.

24/0110:15Joris Hanse Stealing comets and the evolution of the Oort Cloud
24/0111:15Vikram Mark Radhakrishnan Design of an Adaptive Optics System for a Deployable Space Telescope.
20/0609:30Christine Rogers TBD
20/0610:15Omar Contigiani Hypervelocity Stars: A New Probe for Near-Field Cosmology
20/0611:15Bas Zoutendijk Maximum likelihood analysis of lensing by galaxies in high-density environments; Comparing the performance using EAGLE simulations, and applying the method to KiDS data
20/0612:00Iva Laginja Laboratory Tolerancing of the APP
20/0613:30Jurien Huisman Extended OII halos in intermediate redshift MUSE galaxies
20/0614:15Andrew Barr Flying Through Dusty HII Regions On-board SOFIA
20/0615:15Dilovan Serindag Feasibility of ground-based detection of oxygen in exoplanetary atmospheres
27/0609:30Steven Bos Rigorous vector diffraction for arbitrary surfaces
27/0610:15Dieuwertje Vlugt, van der The fate of the first quasars and their host galaxies
27/0611:15Eimear O'Reilly Gas and dust in planet forming disks with ALMA: IM Lupi
27/0612:00Tom Warmerdam Water in the Eyelash galaxy
27/0613:30Hiddo Algera Extreme Line Emission in z~7 Galaxies
27/0614:15Aswin Vijayan Analysing the impact of environment on halo concentrations
27/0615:15Martijn Oei Pioneering the Upgraded GMRT: ionospheric calibration and the cosmic alignment of radio galaxies
27/06 Olivier Burggraaff Probing the Galaxy in velocity space with Gaia DR1
27/0616:45Louis Cheung Search for Solar Siblings

Unless noted otherwise, student colloquia take place at the Huygens Building in room 414 on Tuesdays, and start 16:00 sharp! unless noted otherwise.
Tea and coffee is available from 15:45. 

For questions and/or suggestions concerning the colloquium series, please contact Simon Portegies Zwart (e-mail )
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