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eSMA workshop

February 1-2 2007
Leiden, The Netherlands

Aims and format

With the efforts to interferometrically link the SMA, the JCMT, and the CSO into the `enhanced SMA' well under way, this workshop focused on developing ideas for the science exploitation of this powerful, new submillimeter instrument.

The format of the workshop consisted of a few introductory presentations outlining the status of the link-up and the foreseen capabilities of the instrument. After that we focused on the science exploitation, which included plenary discussions as well as splinter sessions to work out specific ideas. The program can be found here.



(updated May 26, 2007)

The report of the workshop is now available. Many thanks to all who contributed!
A link to the eSMA sensitivity calculator has been added in the specs page.
eSMA specifications can be found here.

The program is still available for viewing.