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Specialisation Astronomy and


The Astronomy component of this specialisation centers on a research project in one of the research groups at Leiden Observatory, including a Master's thesis and an oral presentation, as well as courses to be selected in correspondence with the research topic. The choices for courses and research project will be made in concert with the student advisor.

The business-related part of the specialisation consists of the following components:

In order to obtain a Science-Based Business Master qualification, a minimum program consisting of the course Science-Based Business Fundamentals and the Science-Based Business training period must be completed. The course Science-Based Business Fundamentals may also be taken as a specialisation course in the Astronomy Research Master stream. More information about this can be found on this website.

The Master specialisation Astronomy and Science-Based Business prepares students for a career in science-related business, administration, innovation and enterprise from an astronomy perspective. In addition to experience in astronomy research, Master students obtain specific competences relevant to organisations, people in organisations, and process establishment and management.

For more information please visit the SBB website.