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Specialisation Research in Astronomy

The Research in Astronomy specialisation includes a number of advanced astronomy courses chosen from the various courses offered each year. The course in Stellar Evolution is compulsory for all. Master's students also take some courses outside astronomy and completes two research projects on different subjects supervised by different members of the Observatory's staff. The student finishes with a Master's thesis. Students who are admitted without a previously obtained Bachelor of Science degree in Astronomy, follow an adapted programme. For example, the minor research project may be reduced and the number of astronomy courses may be increased. A selection of courses from the Master's curriculum or the courses Stars, Radiative Processes and Galaxies and Cosmology from the Bachelor's curriculum may be included. In such cases, students will take these additional courses in the first semester.

More in general, the Research in Astronomy specialisation is the best choice for students aiming for a career in astronomical research.

In addition, the specialisation offers two more narrowly focused streams:

This programme enables practically-oriented students to gain new insights in astronomy by creating advances in instrumentation. A major factor contributing to progress in astronomy is the development of ever more advanced instruments for use on the ground or in space. There is a constant need to improve techniques for higher precision, better sensitivity, and greater spectral coverage.

Note: details on the programme can be found here.

This programme combines research in astronomy with research in physics. It covers all aspects of modern astrophysical research (observation, interpretation, simulation, and theory)and is expected to appeal to more theoretical-oriented students. In offering this programme, Leiden Observatory collaborates with the internationally renowned Leiden Institute of Physics. More information can be found here.

NOTE: these programmes are not your only options if you wish to follow the Research in Astronomy specialisation. Please visit the research groups website to explore other possibilities at the Observatory.