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Specialisation Astronomy and Education

This specialisation comprises a one year Astronomy component and a one year education component. The Astronomy component of the Education specialisation centers on a research project in one of the research groups of the Leiden Observatory, including a Master's thesis and an oral presentation, as well as courses selected in correspondence with the research topic. This may include non-astronomy courses. The Education component of the specialisation is offered by the Leiden Graduate School of Education (ICLON) and includes the following courses:

  • Didactics
  • Professional Functioning
  • Educational Research
  • School training

The Master specialisation in Astronomy and Education prepares students for a career in Physics teaching. This Master specialisation is adequate to obtain the so-called 'eerstegraads lesbevoegdheid' needed to be employed as a fully qualified teacher at Dutch high schools.

There is a special entry requirement. All applicants must provide proof of proficiency in the Dutch language.

More information can be found on the ICLON website