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Specialisation Astronomy and Communication

The Master of Science specialisation Astronomy and Communication combines research training in astronomy with one in techniques of communication. The research component consists of a science project in one of the research groups of the Leiden Observatory. It includes a Master's thesis and an oral presentation, as well as courses to be selected in correspondence with the research topic. The communication part of the specialisation includes the following components:

  • Science Communication and Society Fundamentals
  • Training period (internship) in Journalism, Museology or New media
  • Courses in Communication
  • Communication Master thesis
  • Communication research project correlated to the Master thesis

The Master specialisation Astronomy and Communication deals with science communication in broad sense. It prepares students for a career in the popularisation of science for example as a science writer, a science policymaker, a public relations officer or for a career as a scientist with a communication mindset.

For more information, please visit the Science, Communication & Society website.