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The MSc curriculum consists of 60 EC (1 year) course work, and two significantly different research projects (24+36 EC) supervised by different staff members. The minor research project will typically start early in the first year, and the major one (Master's thesis) during the course of the second year.

Detailed programmes may differ slightly depending on whether the students are enrolled in the Physics or Astronomy MSc programmes, but will in all cases include a common core curriculum of cosmology courses. What and who? Check out the cosmology website, and meet the teachers! Or read the formal details in the so-called MSc OERs for Astronomy and Physics.

Each studentís choice of courses is discussed beforehand with the De Sitter programme coordinator and the respective study advisors.

Core coursesLecturerEC
Origin and Evolution of the UniverseHoekstra6
Particle Physics and Early UniverseBoyarsky6
Theory of General RelativityZaanen6
Large Scale Structure and Galaxy FormationSchaye6
At least one (**) of:LecturerEC
Quantum TheoryBeenakker6 or 9
Stellar Structure and EvolutionRossi6
At least three (***) of:LecturerEC
Effective Field TheoryAchúcarro3
Observational CosmologyBouwens3
Black Holes and Gravitational WavesAchúcarro3
Theoretical CosmologyAchúcarro3
Computational AstrophysicsPortegies Zwart6
Data Bases and Data miningBrinchmann3
General Physics and Astronomy MSc courses remainder
Research Projects (****):LevelEC
Master in Astronomy  
Minor Research Project in general astronomy50024
Major Research Project in Cosmology60036
Master in Theoretical Physics  
Minor Research Project in Cosmology 150024
Major Research Project in Cosmology 260036

(*) For Astronomy course descriptions, see e-Prospectus MSc in Astronomy.
For Physics course descriptions, see e-Prospectus MSc in Physics.

(**) The course Quantum Theory is mandatory for students enrolled in the MSc in Physics, the course Stellar Structure and Evolution is mandatory for students enrolled in the MSc in Astronomy.

(***) Some of these courses are not offered every year. The choice of electives is made by each student subject to approval by the Programme Coordinator and the appropriate study advisor.

(****) The two research projects together should cover the three fundamental elements: theory, data handling and numerical simulations.

For further information, contact Cosmology info