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MSc Astronomy in Leiden

Welcome to the MSc Astronomy programme at Leiden Observatory! This page contains all the necessary information you need in order to apply to the master's programme. The links mentioned below provide you with information about the master's programme and application process, while the other links at the bottom of the page contain more general information about studying at Leiden University, university application procedures, and about what to do if you are a foreign (non-EU) applicant. After going through the information presented here, please send an email to the Programme Coordinator (see e-mail address below), who will guide you through the application process and will direct any questions you may have to the appropriate people.

Leiden Observatory links:

  1. Structure of the programme (specialisations, courses, research groups)
  2. Schedules and courses
  3. Entry requirements
  4. How to apply
  5. Tuition and Scholarships
  6. Career (after Masters)

Contact Drs. Arianne Pen (Programme Coordinator)

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