Herschel and the Characteristics of Dust in Galaxies

28 Feb - 4 Mar 2011, Lorentz Center, Leiden (NL)

Session I Observations of Dust in Galaxies

Observations of dust in galaxies (Jean-Philippe Bernard)

Dust-to-gas ratio (Karin Sandstrom)

Submillimeter excess in nearby galaxies (Karl Gordon)

Dust at high red shifts (Steve Eales)

Planck studies of spinning dust emission (Clive Dickinson)

Planck studies of cold dust cores (Mika Juvela)

Laboca study of cold dust in nearby galaxies (Frank Bertoldi)

Polarization studies with Planck (Vincent Guillet)

Vertical structure of spiral disks (Benne Holwerda)

Sub-millimetre galaxies reside in dark matter halos with masses greater than 3x1011 solar masses (Paolo Serra)

Discussion session: Key Herschel and Planck observations (Alain Abergel)

Session II Models of Interstellar Dust

Interstellar dust models (Michiel Min)

Large dust grains in the ISM (Bruce Draine)

Dust within Ionized gas (Brent Groves)

Session III The Lifecycle of interstellar dust

Stellar sources of dust in the Milky Way and nearby galaxies (Margaret Meixner)

Destruction of interstellar dust (XanderTielens)

Dust Evolution models for galaxies (Eli Dwek)

Dust in extreme conditions (Ciska Kemper)

Distribution of dust grains in the circumstellar medium (Allard Jan van Marle)

Dust in low metallicity galaxies (Mikako Matsuura)

Evolution of dust with redshift (Loretta Dunne)

Discussion session: Key Lifecycle observations (Mike Barlow)

Session IV Laboratory studies of materials of astronomical relevance

Fundamental dust data from the laboratory and constraints from Herschel data (Karine Demyk)

Far-infrared properties of phyllosilicates (Thomas Posch)

Solid H2: A key component of interstellar dust (Mark Walker)

Discussion session: Key experiments in support of Herschel (Thomas Henning)

Discussion session: Key model developments (Adolf Witt)

SED studies of galaxies (Caroline Bot)

SOFIA: First Science and characterization of dust in galaxies (Eric Becklin)

Session V Spectral Energy Distribution of Galaxies

Radiative transfer models on galaxy-wide scales (Maarten Baes)

SED templates (Daniel Dale)

Discussion session: SED models (Frank Israel) and Wrap-up