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400 Years of Astronomical Telescopes:
A Review of History, Science and Technology


Last update: 24 September 2008

Monday 29 September 2008
09:00 Welcome, registration and coffee  
09:40 Opening address by ESTEC Martin Kessler
09:50 Opening address by the IAU Karel van der Hucht
Session 1 History of Optical Telescopes
Chair: Peter Abrahams (Antique Telescope Society)
10:00 The Beginnings in the Netherlands, from Lipperhey to Huygens Albert van Helden
10:50 Galileo's Telescope: History, Scientific Analysis, and Replicated Observations Giorgio Strano
11:40 Coffee break
12:00 The Era of Newton, Herschel & Lord Rosse Jim Bennet
12:35 The Great 19th Century Refractors James Lequeux
13:10 Lunch break
Session 1 History of Optical Telescopes (cont.)
Chair: Harry van der Laan (Leiden Observatory)
14:10 In the Grip of the Big Telescope Age David DeVorkin
14:45 Beautiful and Cantankerous Instruments: Telescopes, Technology, and the Changing Practice of Astronomy Patrick McCray
15:20 Coffee break
15:50 The History of Optical Instruments Guy Monnet
Session 2 History of Non-Optical Telescopes
16:25 The History of Radio Telescopes Woody Sullivan
17:00 History of Infrared Telescopes and Astronomy George Rieke
To Space Expo
Welcoming Reception @ Space Expo & Announcement of Selected Poster Presentations

Tuesday 30 September 2008
Session 3 History of Non-Optical Telescopes (cont.)
Chair: Joachim Truemper (Max Planck Institut fuer extraterrestrische Physik)
09:00 History of X-ray Telescopes and Astronomy Riccardo Giacconi
09:50 History of Gamma - Ray Telescopes and Astronomy Klaus Pinkau
10:25 History of Solar Telescopes and Astronomy Oskar von der Luehe
11:00 Coffee
11:20 Imaging VHE Gamma-Ray Telescopes Heinz Voelk
11:55 History of Neutrino Telescopes/Astronomy Atsuto Suzuki
Session 4 Miscellaneous Aspects and Projects
Chair: Donald Morton (National Research Council of Canada)
12:45 400 Years of Astrometry: From Tycho Brahe to Hipparcos Erik Hog
13:20 Lunch break
14:20 History of Astronomical Discoveries Malcolm Longair
15:10 Capabilities of Amateur Telescopes Detlef Koschny
15:45 Coffee break
16:05 Building the Hubble Space Telescope Bob O'Dell
16:40 Zooming in on the Galactic Center Reinhard Genzel
Buses to Museum Boerhaave
Boerhaave: Arrival
Boerhaave: Welcome - Dirk van Delft
Boerhaave: "Leiden Observatory" - Harry van der Laan
Boerhaave: Introduction to Exhibit - Hans Hooijmaijers
Boerhaave: Exhibition and walking dinner
Busses back to the hotels

Wednesday 1 October 2008
Session 5 Fundamental Telescope Technologies
Chair: Dietrich Lemke (Max Planck Institut fuer Astronomie)
09:00 Technology: Mirror Casting, Polishing, Segmentation, and Active Optics Lothar Noethe
09:35 Telescope Designs: Technology Keeping Up with Design or Vice Versa Jason Spyromilio
10:10 A breakthrough in astronomy: the advent of adaptive optics Pierre Léna
10:45 Coffee break
11:15 Technology: Interferometry (All Wavelengths) Andreas Quirrenbach
11:50 The Rise of the Submillimetre Ian Robson
12:25 Back to the Future: Technology Directions for Radio Astronomy Jim Cordes
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Poster Presentations
Chair: Remko Stuik (Leiden Observatory)
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Realisation of X-ray telescopes - from design to performance Bernd Aschenbach
16:05 Technology: Gamma-ray telescopes Neil Gehrels
Session 6 Political and Sociological Aspects
16:40 ESO's Past and Future Lo Woltjer
17:15 Telescope Technology to Harvest Solar Energy Roger Angel
Buses to Dinner Cruise
Dinner Cruise

Thursday 2 October 2008
Session 7 Political and Sociological Aspects (cont.)
09:00 Telescopes and Sacred Mountains Günther Hasinger
09:35 Environmental Threats to Astronomy - What to Do? David Crawford
10:10 The Role of Observatories in Underdeveloped Countries Kevin Govender
10:45 Coffee
11:15 Telescopes Seen Through the Lens of Scientometrics Virginia Trimble
11:50 Space Astronomy as Very Big Science Robert Smith
12:25 Conceiving and Marketing NASA’s Great Observatories Martin Harwit
13:00 Lunch
Session 8 Perspectives for Future Telescopes
14:00 Future Technologies for Telescopes and Instruments Colin Cunningham
14:35 Challenges and Perspectives for Future Telescopes Tim de Zeeuw
15:25 Conference Close
  Poster Session
  The Rise and Fall of Australian Colonial Observatories
Tasker, Ian
University of Western Sydney (Australia)

650 Years of Optics: From Alhazen to Fermat and Rømer
Hoeg, Erik
Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen University (Denmark)

History of Development of Astronomical X-ray Telescopes in the Eastern Europe
Hudec, Rene
Astronomical Institute (Czech Republic)

Astronomical X-ray Telescopes of Lobster Eye Type
Hudec, Rene1; Pina, L.2; Sveda, L.2; Inneman, A.3; Semencova, V.3; Skulinova, M.1
1Astronomical Institute AS CR (Czech Republic); 2CTU (Czech Republic); 3RITE (Czech Republic)

Precursors of the Hubble Space Telescope
Morton, Donald
National Research Council of Canada (Canada)

The Astronomical Telescope between Kepler and Newton
Mahoney, Terence
Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (Spain)

Galileo 1610: an Original Play for the International Year of Astronomy
Larrouy, C.1; Lacoste, G.1; Blanc, M.1; Blanc, E.1; Habibi, E.1; Baratte, Y.1; Gibert, B.1; Fuerte, L.1; Gaboriaud, R.2; Gaboriaud, A.3; Von Ballmoos, P.4
1Théatre Extensible (France); 2Prodigima (France); 3CNES (France); 4CESR (France)

Solar Telescopes of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory: History of Establishment and Discoveries
Vavilova, Iryna1; Stepanyan, N.N.2
1Main Astronomical Observatory, NAS of Ukraine (Ukraine); 2Crimean Astrophysical Observatory (Ukraine)

Ukrainian T-Shape Radio Telescope UTR-2 and Ukrainian VLBI System URAN: 50 Years at the Service of Decameter Astronomy
Vavilova, Iryna1; Konovalenko, A.A.2; Miroshnichenko, A.P.2
1Main Astronomical Observatory, NAS of Ukraine (Ukraine); 2Institute of Radio Astronomy, NAS of Ukraine (Ukraine)

The Infrared Space Observatory (ISO)
Salama, Alberto1; Cesarsky, C.2; Clegg, P.3; de Graauw, T.4; Kessler, M.F.5; Lemke, D.6; Steinz, H.5
1ESA (Spain); 2ESO (Germany); 3Queen Mary, University of London (United Kingdom); 4SRON (Netherlands); 5ESA – ESTEC (Netherlands); 6Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie (Germany)

Observations with Small Telescopes at the Terskol Observatory: Results and Benefits
Godunova, Vira; Tarady, V.K.; Sergeev, O.V.; Karpov, M.V.; Zhilyaev, B.E.
ICAMER Observatory (Ukraine)

Fraunhofer Refractor at Tartu Observatory
Annuk, Kalju
Tartu Observatory (Estonia)

From Observation to Gaia Catalogue
Blasco, Carmen
ESA (Netherlands)

The Gaia Spacecraft and Instruments
Blasco, Carmen
ESA (Netherlands)

Gaia Mission Overview
Blasco, Carmen
ESA (Netherlands)

Amateur Robotic Telescope
Nieuwenhout, Frans
AWSV Metius (Netherlands)

Small Robotic Telescopes for HEA in Ondrejov
Nekola, Martin1; Strobl, Jan1; Kocka, Matus1; Hudec, Rene1; Simon, Vojtech1; Jelinek, Martin2; Polasek, Cyril1; Munz, Filp3
1Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic); 2IAA CSIC, Granada (Spain); 3IASF/INAF, Bologna (Italy)

Gaia's Scientific Rewards
Blasco, Carmen
ESA (Netherlands)

The Great Melbourne Telescope: A Contextual History
Gillespie, Richard
Museum Victoria (Australia)

XMM-Newton: Across the X-ray Universe
Gonzalez-Riestra, Rosario ; Rodriguez-Pascual, P.M.
XMM-Newton Science Operation Centre (Spain)
AKARI: Space Infrared Cooled Telescope
Onaka, Takashi1; Salama, Alberto2
1University of Tokyo (Japan); 2European Space Astronomy Centre, ESA (Spain)

Airborne Infrared Telescopes
Erickson, Edwin
NASA Ames Research Center (United States)

The Early Spread of the Telescope in Asia
Zoomers, Henk
Asian Historical Consultancy (Netherlands)

Galileo and the Birth of Science
Saucedo Morales, Julio
Universidad de Sonora (Mexico)

A Focusing Telescope for Gamma-ray Astronomy
von Ballmoos, Peter
CESR (France)

European Astronomy in Antarctica
Zinnecker, Hans
Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam (AIP) (Germany)

On the Telescopes in the Painting of Bruegel "The Vision"
Selvelli, Pierluigi
INAF (Italy)